How a personal injury claim works

  1. Complete our short form, phone us on 01246 956300, or email
  2. You will be allocated to one of our fully qualified solicitors who will ask for full details of the claim. This will include the circumstances, the injuries sustained and any expenses incurred, plus how you want to fund the claim.
  3. We will ask you to complete and return documentation before submitting your claim to the defendant’s insurers. For medical negligence, we’ll obtain your medical notes and records.
  4. We will deal with each step of the claim process and keep you updated.
  5. When the defendant’s insurers reply to the claim, we’ll explain the response to you in detail.
  6. In some circumstances, we’ll ask for a detailed update of your symptoms around two months after the incident. This is done either in person, or by phone, post or email depending on your preference. A medical expert will then examine you and provide a report detailing your injuries.
  7. We will also ask for details of any expenses incurred and document them.
  8. Once this final evidence has been obtained, full details will be provided to the defendant’s insurers and negotiations begin. We’ll advise you how best to respond to any settlement offers, which we will do so on your instruction.
  9. When you’re happy with settlement offered, we’ll accept it on your behalf. You will receive your compensation shortly after.

In the unlikely event that liability is not be admitted, or you’re unhappy with the amount of compensation offered, we will consider court proceedings. We will expertly guide you through this process each step of the way.

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